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Social media is the newest member of the online marketing family but has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years:

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What Is A Social Media Consultant?

Social media consultants specializes in spreading the word about a business through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit and more. A good social media consultant understands:

  • How to find where a business’s potential audience is online;
  • The content that interests that audience;
  • How to start a conversation online with audiences;
  • How to promote content and create brand advocates

A good social media consultant also understands the importance of brand voice and the role that onsite and offsite content plays in building a brand and a social media presence. Social media consultants are often social media addicts themselves and understand what resonates with different audiences on the different social networks.

Finally, a good consultant will understand how social media works within the context of all the online marketing channels and how to measure success.

HireGun’s Social Media Consultants

HireGun has a variety of social media consultants, from small agencies to independent social media contractors. All of our consultants have a proven track record of building a brand’s audience online and work with everyone from large companies to individuals seeking to promote their own work.

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